Hornell Common Council Approves New Police Contract

June 27, 2016

HORNELL, NY – The Hornell Common Council unanimously approved a four year police contract Monday night. Mayor Shawn Hogan, who personally negotiated the contract, said that the agreement calls for 4%, 4%, 3%, and 3% pay increases over the 4 year period.

One big change is the decrease in premiums paid by city police for their health insurance. They will now contribute 10% instead of the previous 15% they were paying under the previous contract. Hogan said this was possible because of the lower cost the city is paying for their employees. Also new hires used to have to pay 25% of their health insurance, but under the new contract they will only be required to pay 10% like the journeyman officers.

Also the Police Union agreed to give up vacation days in December, and they will still retain the option to get a 5th week of vacation, but they will have to be employed for 25 years.

Hogan noted that this will be a relief on the incoming mayor in 2018 because he will not have to deal with union contracts right off the bat.

Also a resolution was passed to reappoint Barb Perot as the city’s Marriage Officer for another 4 years. “We are both allowed to do it,” said Hogan, “But this will take some of the workload off my shoulders.”