Hornell Common Council Paves Way for New Frozen Yogurt Shop

April 24, 2017

HORNELL, NY – The Hornell Common Council passed two resolutions that will pave the way for a new frozen yogurt shop in the city. Yum! Frozen Yogurt plans to move into 135 Seneca Street (Old Maynard Electrical Supply building) and be up and running sometime in July.

The first resolution was a SEQR (State Environment Quality Review) and the second was a NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) and upon completion of those work will begin. YuM Frozen Yogurt is based out of Wexford, PA.

Also in the new and unfinished business part of the meeting Mayor Hogan went through a number of improvement grants the city will be applying for between now and mid-summer.

Hogan hopes to get a Restore New York grant for $500,000, CEBG grant (Community Development Block Grant Program) for improvements to city housing and infrastructure, and one big one ($10 million) that was awarded to Elmira last year called Downtown Rural Initiative. Only one downtown within each of 10 districts throughout the entire state receives this grant and Hogan said competition is high and it will be hard to get.