Hornell Crime Statistics in for 2018

January 10th, 2019

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Police Chief Ted Murray came to the monthly Board of Public Safety meeting armed with charts and statistics for criminal arrests for 2018.

Criminal arrests were up by 163 over 2017 from 776 to 939. Uniform traffic tickets were also slightly up from 1414 to 1468. Traffic accidents investigated were also up from 186 to 239. On a positive note parking violations were actually down from the previous year from 2082 in 2017 to 1740 in 2018. Murray attributed this to the new parking ticket enforcement policy that went into effect. “People know that if they get a parking ticket now, the fine will be enforced and further penalties may ensue if not paid.”

Drug arrests in the city were up in some categories and down in others. Hornell had 144 arrests in 2017 and 174 in 2018. Marijuana and heroin arrests were actually down in 2018 while cocaine, meth, and prescription pill abuse showed a slight increase. Of the 174 drug arrests, 29% were for marijuana, 28% prescription pills, 23% for cocaine, 10% for meth, and 8% for heroin.

In other news a traffic ordinance amendment pertaining to East Main St was passed. From the centerline of River St Heading south to Terry St on the west side, parking will be restricted to no parking at any time. This resolution will take effect upon approval from the full Common Council.

And finally a new part time crossing guard was approved for the newly implemented school crossing adjacent to the Middle School. Mary Pieklo will be starting in that position on Monday morning. According to Hornell Mayor John Buckley, the HSD generously agreed to pay her salary.