2017 Hornell Drug Statistics

February 8th, 2018

HORNELL, NY – Police Chief Ted Murray and lead investigator Tom Aini updated the Public Safety Board Thursday morning on drug arrests and investigations for 2017.

In total the HPD had 144 drug arrests last year and can be broken down by drug as follows: Marijuana 67 arrests – Cocaine 24 arrests – Heroin 25 arrests – Prescription Pills 24 arrests – Methamphetamine 0 arrests – Other 3 arrests.

There were a total of 9 incidents of overdoses where officers administered naloxone. Most survived, there was one fatality. On a positive note there has not been an opiate overdose since 11/11/2017.

Murray said that these numbers do not represent the total number of drug investigations by officers during the year. Often investigations lead to arrests outside the jurisdiction with close cooperation with other law enforcement agencies.

Chief Murray concluded, “Our efforts of drug enforcement and eradication will continue into 2018 with new and aggressive tactics that will keep our city safe for our children and citizens, but will prove very uninviting to those who wish to bring drugs to our valley.”

4th Ward Alderman Rich Argentieri informed the board that there is a traffic issue at the corner of Jane and Loder Streets that needs to be addressed. He states he has received several complaints about the Alstom traffic situation there. “I am not sure what can be done to control the speed and flow better,” said Argentieri, “But 3 times a day during the week is getting pretty chaotic.”

Code enforcement officer Bud Burdette said his department will start another canvas and assessment of vacant properties in the city and update the vacant properties registry. He figures there are about 75 currently in the city with that figure likely to change. He made a note that vacant properties should not be confused with zombie properties, as those are two different entities.

Long time Public safety board member Dave Sengstock has decided to retire because of other obligations and Mayor John Buckley announced he is actively seeking his replacement.

And finally it was announced that John Buckley, Norm McCumiskey, and Jim Bassage will be holding a town hall meeting February 28th at the Hornell High School to address the current drug epidemic in our community.

     Hornell Board of Public Safety