Hornell Fire Dept. to Save Costs on EMS / Fire Training

December 8, 2016

HORNELL, NY – After hearing a presentation from Fire Chief Dan Smith Thursday morning the Board of Public Safety decided to pass a resolution backing his idea on a new way to train and certify. The department previously went with a company called M-Star out of Elmira who no longer is going to provide the service and now Hornell will deal directly with Target Solutions.

Fire Captain Frank Brzozowski has completed the necessary requirements to administer the online training programs within the department and was given high praise by Chief Smith for his efforts to bring this about.

Now instead on M-Star being reimbursed from the state the reimbursement will go directly to Hornell. Smith said they will give it a 3 year trial run and if everything works out they will sign a longer 5 year contract in the future. According to Smith, the city will initially have to invest $9000 but in turn will be reimbursed around $10,200. Another major plus besides generating revenue will be the inclusion of a wider scope of online and hands on training programs.