Hornell Fire Dept’s New Captain

March 9, 2023

Firefighter Greg Kramer was promoted to Captain Greg Kramer at the March 2023 Board of Public Safety Meeting.

Captain Greg Kramer has a long history of firefighting in his family, with his grandfather also being a captain for the City of Hornell Fire Department, and his father has devoted many years of service as call man. “I was fortunate to be able to fulfill my dream to be a fireman when I was nineteen years old. The City of Hornell is the only place I’ve lived and worked. I’ve learned a lot here, and I’m excited to be able to continue to grow and pursue my dreams. I’m thankful to be able to give back to this community, and this department that raised me,” stated Kramer following his appointment.

“Kramer has really excelled in his eleven years with the department. He has worked hard and climbed the ranks, working through paramedic school and proving himself as a leader within the department. He is a mentor and willing to help and take on extra duties. Kramer’s patient and calm demeanor is very valuable in this line of work as the situations we encounter are often highly stressful,” identified Chief Brzozowski.

Mayor Buckley praised Captain Kramer and his achievements, saying, “I have witnessed a tremendous amount of personal growth in you over the years. You exhibit a quiet intelligence. A calm, yet professional response in your interactions, whether it be a fire or a medical event. I’m proud of how you have stepped up and earned this promotion. I’m excited for your future and the future of the department.”

Captain Kramer was accompanied by his wife, Rebecca, son Alex, as well as parents, Chris and Sherry Kramer, and brother, Shane at the board meeting for his appointment. He will assume duties as captain effective immediately.