Hornell Football Program to Add Arkport Student

June 7, 2017

HORNELL, NY – Hornell head football coach and Athletc Director Erik Werner was present at Wednesday afternoon’s monthly BOE meeting and laid out plans to add an Arkport student to the Hornell football team. After Werner met with Arkport Superintendent Jesse Harper and Athletic Director Dale Steiner, it was mutually agreed upon to move forward.

According to Superintendent Doug Wyant, “combined programs” are nothing new in Section 5 and are frequently done to give a student the opportunity to play a sport his school does not offer or used to offer but abandoned it because of declining enrollment.

Werner stated that it will not affect Hornell’s classification (currently class B in football) and the student is responsible for all transportation and participation costs. Wyant finished by noting that Section 5 closely monitors this to prevent any school from becoming a superpower in any sport by absorbing smaller schools players for the sole purpose of winning championships.