Hornell IDA: Grey Manufacturing Finalizing Getting A Building At South Yards

October 29, 2015
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HORNELL, NY – The Hornell Industrial Development Agency is working on the final details of selling a building located at the South Yards to Grey Manufacturing. IDA officials say that they will sell the building for the equivalent of the remaining lease that was originally agreed to from Alstom.
The amount is somewhere around $600,000.
Grey Manufacturing also requested some financial help in the form of property tax relief and sales tax abatement on materials used for renovations. The IDA agreed to help.
In other news, the Hornell IDA agreed to accept a proposal from Empire access to wire fiber optic cable to the South Yards. Officials say that the cost of running the fiber to the location abd businesses will cost the IDA $15,684. Mayor Hogan commented that it is always money well spent when you invest in the infrastructure of our city that has the potential to lure new businesses.
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