Hornell IDA’s Advice To Local Small Businesses

March 24, 2020

HORNELL, NY – The Hornell IDA’s Shawn Hogan was on the Newsmaker Show this morning, talking about how government can help local small businesses. Hogan recommends the Small Business Administration’s website to local business owners. The website is SBA.gov “Review what’s out there, to see what can be done. This would be, whether your a barbershop, a beauty salon, or a restaurant, anyone who has been impacted. Start documenting how you’ve been impacted, the loss of business, the percentages, things like that. Document everything, because I’m sure you’re going to need that, but there are programs available out there now, for small businesses,” Hogan said on the Newsmaker Show.

Hogan also reccomends the Empire state development corporation, esd.ny.gov