Hornell Mayor Weighs In On Covid Deaths In Hornell

April 12, 2020

From Mayor John Buckley:

“The vast majority of new positive COVID-19 cases in the Hornell area are coming from one nursing home where the most vulnerable among us are sick and dying. This situation is absolutely terrible and unacceptable,: said Hornell Mayor John Buckley in an email statement. “I am beyond frustrated and angry over this. The City doesn’t govern or regulate nursing homes nor does it have any authority over them. They are governed by and answer to the NYS Department of Health who I know is actively involved here locally. But more needs to be done now. DOH needs to share their action plan with County and City officials. I’m in daily contact with County Manager Jack Wheeler and Senator Tom O’Mara. Those two are working their tails off trying to get answers, but DOH is calling all the shots. My heart breaks for all those affected seniors, their families and the employees who are working on the frontlines.“