Hornell Mayoral Race Update

August 21, 2017

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Mayoral candidate John Buckley (R, 9th Ward) is announcing his “Taking Pride in our Community Initiative”. Here’s how it works:

Citizen Recognition Program
– Recognize citizens who go above and beyond maintaining, decorating, restoring or improving their property. Mayor, Aldermen, Codes to present certificates of appreciation on behalf of the City. Support Codes Office
– Seek additional funding through grants to provide the manpower needed to adequately staff the Codes department. Zombie and vacant properties
– Keep pressure on banks, landlords, property owners to maintain properties, keeping them up to code and free of blight. Utilize Land Bank for select properties targeted for revitalization. Work with local developers and contractors to restore homes in neighborhoods. Identify opportunities to utilize BOCES program to build additional houses on suitable lots
– This successful program helps revitalize city neighborhoods getting people in new homes and putting houses back on the tax rolls. Partner with community members such as faith based groups who are willing to volunteer their time and resources to help with construction or beautification projects. Continue City Beautification projects such as flowers/plants, decorative lighting, fencing, etc. to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of downtown.

In other news, Hornell Independent candidate for mayor, John Lewis, has launched a website, Lewisformayor.com