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Hornell Partners For Growth is Moving

HPG Is Relocating
February 27 2014

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Partners for Growth is moving. New HPG Director Shelly Stevens says they’re relocating to 138 Main Street in Hornell.

Executive Director Shelly Stevens will begin the transition immediately. “Believe it or not, Spring is right around the corner and the start of what will be an extremely busy year for us. We need to move quickly, get settled, and get right back to working toward new goals, meeting with the business owners, and planning great events.”

“Multiple locations were explored prior to deciding on this move. I heard from multiple business owners, we want HPG on Main St. The Board of Directors and I wanted to make sure that a location that was easily accessible for the business owners was chosen. The approved location is an office inside 138 Main St which is also the current location of Maple City Customs. I think this is a perfect location because it allows us visibility from Church St as well as Main St. So you will actually be able to see us without us taking away a prime location from any Main St businesses. We felt that was an important detail in the search.”

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