Hornell Police Chief Murray: More Heroin These Days In Hornell

January 15, 2016
HORNELL N.Y. – Friday morning, the Hornell City Board of Public Safety met at City hall, Where Police Chief Ted Murray filled in the board on the most recent arrest that happened with two traffic stops yielding 126 “bags” of heroin which were destined for distribution in the Maple City. Murray said that the majority of the defendants have already been released from custody, and unfortunately there seems to be more and more of this drug being seen in Hornell.
In other news, Hornell City Hall just made its first payment for the new ladder truck to be delivered to the Hornell City Fire Department. The first payment was just over $300,000 dollars which is for the chassis. Mayor Hogan noted that the total cost of the fire truck is 1,004,000 dollars, however by paying for it in increments the city will save money and actually only pay $989,000 dollars for the truck saving the city $22,000 dollars.