Hornell Police Relaunch DIVERT Program

June 23, 2022

HORNELL, NY – This morning at the Hornell Police Department, Mayor John Buckley, Police Chief Ted Murray, Hornell Judge David Coddington, and CASA/Trinity officials Regina Brockway and Ann Domingos, and Hornell Police Officers Dan Murray, Eric Kerr, Seth Blanchard and Tim Thurston, listened to Hornell Police Captain Mike Sexsmith spoke about Hornell drug statistics, and Hornell Police plans to help those suffering from addiction, get the help they need, without getting arrested.

The program is called D.I.V.E.R.T., which stands for Drug Intervention Through Voluntary Education, Rehabiltation, Treatment. It was originally begun in 2020, but the program was sidetracked because of Covid.

Key points covered by Police Captain Sexsmith:

There have been 15 opiod deaths since 2013 in Hornell
In 2016, Hornell Police started using Nalaxone, saving over 60 lives with the drug overdose reversal medicine
Those who come to Hornell Police to get into drug/alcohol treatment/or are approached by Hornell Police to get help, won’t be pressured to turn in drug dealers
Those who turn in drugs/drug paraphernailia won’t be charged if they get into treatment

To contact Hornell Police to get into the DIVERT Program, call 607-324-2860, or Casa/Trinity at 607-367-0472