Hornell School Board Hears Success Stories

December 2, 2015
HORNELL NY – The Hornell School District met Wednesday night and heard stories of success within the district. According to officials, 50% of the BOCES student body are either on the Honor Roll or High Honor roll for the marking period.
Athletic Director Erik Werner reported on the success of the Athletic department in the fall season.
Werner remarked that the Cheerleading team won their third sectional championship in a row, with Coach Regi Gambino winning coach of the year in the fall sports season, also the girls soccer team were finalists in the sectionals while the Football team were semi-finalists for their season in the sectionals.
Werner proudly announced that six out of the seven sports teams won scholar athletes status from New York State, with the seventh team just missing the mark by two tenths of a point.
School Financial Officer Patrick Flaitz said that the transportation issues have been ironed out and the buses are now running smoothly, noting that the district has ten buses that transport 620 students per day making 207 stops in the morning and 217 stops in the afternoon so they are extremely busy. Flaitz also said that the walking distance for students in the school district is one and a half miles for students in grades 7-12, while the walking distance for students in K-6 is seven tenths of a mile. Flaitz noted that the state allows for students K-8 to walk two miles while 9-12th grade students can walk up to three miles so the district is over and above the state mandate for student busing requirements, reminding the Board that the District does not get any aid for any students transported for under a mile and a half.