Hornell Street Paving Season Is Over

October 26, 2022

The Hornell Department of Public Works has announced the 2022 paving season has come to a close at the Board of Public Works meeting on October 20th, 2022. “We are really pleased with this year’s paving. The City of Hornell has a total of 205 streets and we were able to pave 12 this year. Combining that with paving 16 streets last year and that’s a significant amount of city streets with new blacktop,” stated Superintendent Mitchell Cornish of the Department of Public Works. The City of Hornell estimates the street paving investment has an estimated cost exceeding $300,000.

The Board of Public Works Commissioners echoed these sentiments. “We understand the city streets suffer from occasional potholes and cracks, which comes with the territory of western New York weather, but the city puts in a tremendous effort towards paving and maintenance. The DPW staff does a great job and we hope that despite the occasional short-lived road closures and construction detours that residents are happy with the finished product,” stated Commissioner Jared Zigenfus.

Commissioner Joseph Liberto agreed, “I am pleased with the city’s street paving progress for this year. Public Works ambitiously worked to prep the streets for paving. Investment of manpower, time and money has procured a return of great looking city roads.” With the completion of a successful 2022 paving season, the city continues its look forward to the 2023 paving year with several streets identified for paving including Crosby Street.