Hornell to Close Fiscal Year Under Budget

April 20, 2021

Council to Add to Fund Balance in May or June


HORNELL — The City of Hornell boasted a sound fiscal year as it marches into 2021-2022.

During a meeting of the Hornell Common Council on Monday, Mayor John Buckley told members that he anticipated expenses coming in under budget and that money will be added back to the city’s fund balance in either May or June.

According to its own audit, expenses are currently approximately 83 percent of what has been budgeted. A total dollar figure was not assigned to the prospective surplus of funds.

“We had to make some very tough decisions and had only a short timeframe to do so, but we’ve come through it, we definitely tightened the belt and I thank the department heads for that,” the Mayor said. “We all ran a tight ship and we will come in well under budget this year.”

While administrative costs were cut, city official were proud to report that no personnel were laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn.

“We didn’t lay off or furlough one person. We were able to provide all the services people rely on. If someone needed a police officer they were there, if a pipe broke, our guys were on it,” Buckley said.

With forecasts from sales tax set higher this year, the mayor forecast another good fiscal year in 2021-2022, citing increased retail activity, restaurant service and rebounding gas prices as further causes for optimism.