Hornell to Receive Grant to Battle Zombie Properties

October 13th, 2016

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Mayor Shawn Hogan told the Board of Public Safety Tuesday morning that Hornell has applied for and almost certain to receive a grant to help battle the zombie properties in the city. The $75,000 will help catalog and report properties that have been foreclosed by banks and also a number of properties that have not yet been foreclosed on and are just vacant. These properties will be reported to the Dept. of Financial Services. The grant will also allow the city to create another part time position to help code enforcement officer Larry Bacon monitor the situation. There are some 36 such properties currently in the city.

In traffic news Police Chief Ted Murray has recommended that the city replace a yield sign with a stop sign at the intersection of Taylor and Buffalo Street. Councilman John Buckley noted that a major problem is that cars are not yielding to people that are crossing the tracks in that area. Hogan also noted that there will be an educational period because the Yield sign has been in place for so long.

Also the city will revisit the restricted parking law on Crosby Street that has been in place since 1964. The current law reads that there is restricted parking from the intersection of Canisteo all the way west to city limits. Hogan said that times have changed and Canisteo Street is no longer the main thoroughfare and will consider amending the ordinance so that restricted parking will be moved up to Lily or Grand Streets.

And Finally Fire Chief Dan Smith was happy to report that the city’s new ladder truck has had all warranty work completed and has been returned from the Wisconsin factory and that the company has agreed to extend the warranty from one year to 18 months.