Hornell Water Upgrade – Disruption In Hornell Water From July 9th-July 10th

June 26 2020

Hornell City Hall says, the Hornell Water Treatment Facility will be undergoing a major upgrade, there will be a disruption in service for some, starting at 8pm on Thursday July 9th through 8am Friday July 10th.

Full statement from City Hall is below:

To continue providing safe, quality water to our residents, the City of Hornell Water Treatment Facility is undergoing a major upgrade. In preparation to connect a new drinking water storage tank to the distribution pipe that carries water to the City, we have to temporarily shut down the existing pipe to install new piping and valves. The temporary shutdown will begin on Thursday July 9, 2020, which will result in a disruption of water service to ALL residents who receive water from the City. This transition is expected to take 12 hours and has been scheduled in an attempt to cause the least amount of disruption and inconvenience to residents as possible. The disruption in service will begin at approximately 8pm on Thursday July 9th and last through approximately 8am Friday July 10th.
This is an unprecedented disruption in service that has not been attempted in the City before, during this time we will be supplying water to the system from our back up wells; however we expect that ALL residents will experience VERY low pressure or a TOTAL loss of pressure during this shut down period. Please refrain from any non-essential use of water during this period.

The following areas will be TOTALLY without water during this time and will be under boil water advisory when service is restored:
1. Airport Road, Maple Court, Seneca Road North, The Woodlands Park, and any users north of State Route 21 in the Town of Hornellsville
2. Old Almond Road, Plaza 21, North Main Street
3. County Route 66 in the Town of Hornellsville
4. North Main Street, Parish Road, Madison Avenue, Bald Hill Road (including BOCES)
5. Upper Bennett Street, Lincoln Street, Dennis Avenue
6. East Main Street, Howard Street, Byrd Avenue, Southerby Avenue
7. Ice House Road

The City of Hornell Department of Public Works will notify all residents when water service returns to normal operation. Notification will be done using the Code Red call system, the City of Hornell Facebook page, the City of Hornell website cityofhornell.com and local media outlets.
We apologize for the inconvenience that this will cause and appreciate your patience and understanding during this phase of the upgrade.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mitchell Cornish, Superintendent of Public Works at 607-324-7421 or mcornish@cityofhornell.com

John J. Buckley, Mayor
Leonard Fucci, Chief Operator