Hornell Wins The Statewide Contest for Millions!!!

December 10, 2015

UPDATE: The breakdown:
Hornell gets 35 million for Alstom and Alstom related projects and businesses.
$150,000 to transit air (TTA) in Hornell, and Hornell gets $585,000 for sewer line repair.
HORNELL, NY – The winner of the 500 million dollars from New York State is the Southern Tier! The Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council won the state’s 500 million dollar award from the state. Hornell Mayor Shawn Hogan and Industrial Development Agency Director Jim Griffin tell WLEA News, that money will go to the Alstom facility in Hornell, and all related projects. That means Hornell Industrial Development Director Jim Griffin’s idea for a Rail Center in Hornell, will get some of this money. “It’s $500 million dollars over the next five years, and we are also eligible for other funding, so it’s $100 million dollars a year, over the next five years,” Hornell Mayor Shawn Hogan said on his cell phone, as he was getting off of the plane, at the Elmira-Corning Regional Airport. “It’s an early Christmas present”, Hogan exclaimed. “Hornell has some significant projects in the pipeline, particularly with Alstom and the Center for Excellence for Transit Manufacturing and Rail,” said Hogan.
“It’s fantastic news for us,” Jim Griffin told WLEA. “We’ve been waiting for it, we’ve planned for it, we put in a proposal for Hornell, for about 35 million dollars for about an 85 million dollar project, which includes making Hornell the Center for Transit Manufacturing and design and development. It’s a five year program, we expect to be starting it early in 2016,” Griffin said.
Statement from State Senator Tom O’Mara (who submitted the idea to the state):
“The Southern Tier and Finger Lakes regions have stood out as top performers throughout these competitions over the past several years, but this is a big, difference-making win for each region. It’s a real tribute to the regional leaders across the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes whose commitment and hard work have been unmatched. They have continually assessed our regional strengths and weaknesses, identified specific economic priorities, and diligently put in place short- and long-term strategies to keep hope alive for a stronger and more secure economic future. It’s been great work and they’ve earned today’s victories. Now moving forward it’s going to be up to all of us in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes regions to put these incredible resources to good, effective use to revitalize our regional economies. It’s time to change our pessimism to optimism.”
Statement from Assemblyman Phil Palmesano:

“It’s a great day for the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes regions; it’s one of the most significant days we’ve had in a long time. These Regional Economic Development Council victories have the potential to truly transform our economic future. First and foremost, I have to express our collective congratulations and gratitude for all of the time, energy and hard work that’s been done by our local and regional council members since 2011. Their efforts have been admirable to identify the right priorities and put forth the most effective short- and long-term plans, and I can’t say enough about their leadership and vision. Their effective presentations for competitive Upstate Revitalization Initiative grants took top honors this morning, each worth $500 million.”

Other local winners include Alfred State College, SUNY Alfred won 1.5 million for the New Forest Economy Project. Also, about $41,000 went to the Cuba Friends of Architecture, $50,000 for Wellsville’s waterline project, and $900,000 will go to joint improvements for water, to Bolivar and Richburg. “Jobs and economic opportunities will be the outcome of the state grant awards announced today. Our manufacturing, recreation, tourism and quality of life will be enhanced, and I salute my local people who worked so hard to develop these projects. It shows that by working together we can achieve great results,” said Senator Catharine Young.