Hornell’s School Budget Vote Is Coming Up This Month

May 4, 2022

By Jasmine Willis

HORNELL — The Hornell City School held a public hearing to discuss the $40 million school budget on Tuesday.

The budget can be viewed in great detail on the school’s website. The school election is May 17 to approve the school budget and elect a trustee for a five-year term. Kelly Davis is seeking reelection for her third term. Scott Carroll is also campaigning for the spot.

“We have been very proud the last several years in maintaining a stable budget,” Jeremy Palotti, Hornell City District superintendent said. “We are very proud of our growing graduation rate over the years.”

Patrick Flaitz and Palotti went over the proposed budget one last time for the public hearing. It can be viewed by going to the about us section on the school website. There you will find several lengthy documents going into detail about the school budget. You will also be able to gage a report based on what you want to know.

Flaitz mentioned that the uptake in assessments doesn’t go to the school. People who have been upset by these tax hikes need to understand it isn’t about the school budget.

The school board voted and accepted revenue reports, budget transfer reports, federal budget transfer, special education programs, and student activities.

Palotti said everything about the school budget is about providing the best education for the students.

The school board voted on and approved a lengthy resolution for the new capital fund project that secures $1.3 million in aid for the building projects. The school board earmarks these funds to be transferred to the capital fund for the 2022-23 fiscal year. These funds are used to fix the elevator, provide security to the main offices, and continue all other construction on the building.

Although Covid-19 took a toll on all school districts with student enrollment the school board is confident that things will prevail in the future. Palotti said he wants the best programs offered at the school for future students. Davis said she is proud to be part of the board of education and wants to continue her place as a trustee for another term. She is excited about all the plans for the future and wants to continue to be part of it.

In the upcoming school election voters will vote on one trustee, bus lease, renew the transportation reserve, and creating a new capital project fund. Voting is noon to 9 p.m. in the school lobby on May 17.

The following have been approved for tenure with glowing recommendations; Todd Bialecki, Carli Cavanaugh, Tristen Christie, Jeremy Donlon, Kristen Gostomski, Jordan Hahn, Keelia Hamdan, Stacey Llli, Michelle Lovell, Chelsea Miller, Tammie Mullen, Amanda Owens, Ashleigh Striker, Rebekah VanNorman, and Kasi Washburn.