Hornellsville Considering Dog Census

January 8th, 2019

ARKPORT, NY – The Hornellsville Town Board eventually tabled a motion last evening in regards to a possible dog census for the entire district. According to Town Clerk Sharon Ames, the census will consist of mailing every resident a survey asking them about the number of dogs occupying that certain residence.

“The survey will cost the town about $1000 to conduct and should bring in around $4000 in revenue,” said Ames, “and if they do not respond and we find out there are dogs living in that household, there could be repercussions involving the humane society.”  The board decided to do a little more research on its cost effectiveness before passing the resolution.

In other news the board passed a fire contract with South Hornell for $58,000 for their services. According to Town Supervisor Dan Broughton, that is an increase of $2,000 over last years allotted budget. Broughton said that this is only one of three fire districts the town has contractual obligations with.

Bills for the month for the township totaled $189,572, and the Justices brought in $2,709 in revenue through the courts.

And finally a re-organizational meeting was held and numerous appointments were confirmed.