Hornellsville Finalizes Details for NYSERDA Application

NYSERDA’s Cathy Herleman

September 11th, 2018

ARKPORT, NY – NYSERDA representative Cathy Herleman visited the Hornellsville Town Board Tuesday evening to finalize the details so they can receive their $50,000 clean energy grant.

Hornellsville passed a resolution allowing Herleman and the town board to submit the application to NYSERDA under the conditions that they adopt the following energy saving steps:

Convert all their street lighting from fluorescent lights (56 lights) to LED.

Convert all the interior lighting (DPW building and Town Hall) to LED lighting

Replace their gas boilers with an Air Source Heat Pump System.

According to Herleman, The money to be saved will pay for the conversions within a few years. It currently costs Hornellsville $10,278 in electricity to run their street lights for one year, and after the conversion it will only cost them, $3,597. The total cost to replace the lights is only $3,146.

Three other resolutions were passed at Tuesday night’s the meeting withthe first being budget modifications for the selling and purchase of equipment. The second and third pertained to personnel on the Zoning Board of Appeals.

And finally the South Hornell Fire Dept announced that they have received 2 grants. The first will be used for the purchase of 14 air packs, and the 2nd is a DEC grant to purchase chain saws and a forestry hose. The DEC grant alone was for $5,000.