Hornellsville News

March 11, 2015

The of Hornellsville town board is in discussion about the possible purchase of the South Hornell Fire Dept. building if it becomes available. Hornellsville board member Bob Mauro said the building is in good shape and it would be advantageous for storage of equipment, sand and salt. The current South Hornell Fire Dept. is in talks with a possible merger with another Fire District; possibly Canisteo.

Highway Superintendent Jason Emo reports that the town has just received an additional 100 tons of salt to be put into storage. He told the board that due to the harsh winter his department had quit using salt in mid-January and that the sand supply is very low.

Ken Isaman reports that the Hornell scrap metal company Ben Weitsman & Son Inc. (formerly Spituniks) has requested permission to construct a new building at their location that would be used to drain fluids out of automobiles before being shredded. The DEC is moving ahead with plans but there have been many complaints about noise and hours of operation.