Hornellsville Seriously Considering New Town Hall

April 11th, 2018

ARKPORT, NY – Hornellsville Town Supervisor Dan Broughton circulated flyers and discussed the possibility of the Town of Hornellsville seeking a new building for permanent residence.

According to Broughton, the current Town Hall is insufficient due to the following reasons:

1-Meeting rooms is too small; at well attended meetings people have to sit in the hallway
2-No land at present to expand the current building
3-No ADA compliant restroom
4-The Town Court currently rents another location costing large sums of money
5-No Community Center for public use or functions
6-No rooms large enough for other entities to rent for training sessions
6-Present building is in poor condition and putting more funds into an already too small building would be senseless

Broughton discussed the progress they have made and steps that need to be taken to put them in a new building:

1-They have located a new building, It is the building Hooker’s used to own next to Maple City Dodge
2-They have secured grants for $50,000 and possibly another $5,000 from NYSERDA to be used for any improvements to the building such as lighting, heating, insulation, A/C, ect.
3-There is currently $62,000 available in the Capital Projects Building Fund for such use
4-Money would be available from selling the current building
4-Future grants will be sought after to continue renovations
6-The goal is to upgrade to a new building without any impact on taxpayers
7-Nothing is definite as they still need a cost analysis completed and would like to get as much input from the public as possible on the idea