Hornellsville Town News

November 12th, 2019

ARKPORT, NY – The Hornellsville Town Board met Tuesday evening and it was announced that an expansion is currently taking place at the Dyco Electronics building on 7775 Industrial Park Rd in the town of Hornellsville. According to board members, the addition will be around 100 sq ft and permits for the work have already been granted. At this time it is not known what the addition will be for or whether it will create any new jobs.

Also Deputy Supervisor Jim Giglio announced plans to research the possibility of putting an ATV/ Side by Side trail in the area similar to one located in the Andover Township. According to Giglio, laws for its use would have to be established and a public hearing would have to be held before the project could be given a green light.

The following personal changes were also approved; Elizabeth VanScoter will be resigning as Deputy Town Clerk and Sharon Ames will be stepping down as Town Clerk. Ames will the be taking VanScoter’s previous position as Deputy Town Clerk. Jessica LaFrance will become the new Town Clerk and Deputy Registrar.

In financial news the town sold 20 dog licenses, 10 building permits, and the sale of scrap metal for a total take of $6,212 for the month of October. Also, between Town Justices’ Scavo and Seaman, the courts brought in $11,741 in fees and fines.