Hornellsville Update: Hot Dog, Libordi and Isaman

September 10 2014

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September 10, 2014

HORNELLSVILLE, NY – Recently, Larry “Hot Dog” Stephens has been doing online and print advertising, urging Hornellsville residents to come to the September Hornellsville Town meeting, to complain about the new “no public comment rule”. The rule was put into effect at the August Hornellsville Town meeting.

The September meeting was held Tuesday night. At the Tuesday night meeting, Town Supervisor Ken Isaman and the Board, voted to bring back public comment, with a new condition: you can only speak for two minutes.

During the public comment period last night, Stephens complained that he has had less speaking time than others have had in the past. North Hornell Village Trustee Frank Libordi asked about the recent state audit. Most of other the several others who spoke, voiced their support of Town Supervisor Isaman and Town Clerk Cheryl Isaman, saying they were sorry that the Isamans were being heavily criticized in newspaper and on online. Among Isaman’s supporters: Dr. Tariq Randawa and pharmacist Irfan Mehr. There were also pro-Isaman signs out in the parking lot.

Public comment rules have been changed several times in the past two years, since Stephens has been coming to town meetings.

In other Hornellsville news, Frank Libordi has filed an amended petition to the lawsuit to have Ken Isaman removed from either office he held (either the county risk manager’s job, or the town supervisor post). Libordi now wants Isaman out of the town supervisor’s job, and this legal action comes after Isaman stepped down from the Risk Managers job, to end the original lawsuit.

So the Town of Hornellsville is now hiring Hornell attorney Joe Pelych for this latest lawsuit.