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How To Get Rid Of Skunks

July 25, 2022

From Hornell City Hall:

The Quality of Life Committee has met to review and discuss concerns with skunks throughout the city. Skunks appear to be variably problematic throughout the city, most often in the spring and summer months.

Residents are encouraged to practice good prevention habits to help deter skunks from their neighborhoods. Patch and seal foundations, holes, crawl spaces or garage/shed
foundations/entrances. Please be mindful not to trap a skunk when securing an area and of skunk dens. Seal garbages and keep garbage off the ground as able. Be mindful of an over-watered lawn which is conducive for grubs.. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, feed pets inside or remove uneaten food before the evening and seal all bird food in an inside structure.

Should you encounter a skunk or skunk den, residents are encouraged to call Chris Everett, Wildlife Restoration at 585-519-1269.

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