HPG: Hornell School Bus Update

September 4, 2015

HORNELL, NY – HPG has the following posted on their Facebook page:

From Hornell City School District – Not an official statement, HPG writes the following as we understand it:
The transportation department received a new transportation system and as many parents have noticed, there have been some issues with working the system out for school start up next week in regards to bus schedule. They are working ADAMANTLY to fix it as soon as possible

1)Go to your normal bus stop as usual. If you’ve never been on the particular bus you are looking for, you can A) ask the buses as they arrive or B)reach out to friends and neighbors who have previously ridden the bus you require.
2)HCSD is actively attempting to put bus monitors on each bus to assist with this issue as they work through it. They will assist with any questions that parents or students have at the bus stop locations.
3)If by chance a student gets on the wrong bus, the attendants will make sure that they get to the right school.
4)If you have any special after school instructions (such as daycare or YMCA or different drop off location) PLEASE send in a note with your child so that the school can accommodate those requests.