Intense Debate Over Hornell Police and Fire Departments

McManus Debates Hogan and Buckley At Hornell Council Meeting Over The Hornell City Budget, and Cost of Insurance/Pensions

February 25, 2014

HORNELL, NY – During Monday night’s Hornell Common Council meeting, there was an intense moment of debate. Alderman Dan McManus (R, 6th Ward) raised objections about the cost of health insurance and police and fire pensions.

During the debate, McManus was asked by Alderman John Buckley (R, 9th Ward) where $140,000 could be cut. Buckley also noted that the public safety budget was one of the biggest cost drivers in Hornell, and when Buckley asked if McManus would cut police and fire (public safety), McManus answered with a yes.

Hornell Common Council Meeting – Video February 24, 2014