It’s Official: Great Lakes Cheese Is Not Coming To Amity

June 2, 2021

The Allegany County Industrial Development Agency Executive Director Craig R. Clark issued the following statement:

“The Allegany County Industrial Development Agency has been working with Great Lakes Cheese on the ‘Crossroads Project’ since fall 2019. Most projects are complex, but a new $505 million cheese factory that would create more than $1 billion in investment over the next few years is especially so. It appears that despite the unceasing efforts, hard work and commitment of many people in the public and private sectors, this project will not be completed at the Crossroads as we’d hoped. Great Lakes Cheese has confirmed that they will no longer consider development at the Crossroads site and will continue to explore alternate locations in the region.

“Our role as facilitator continues in regional efforts to keep this project in Allegany County and Western New York so it will benefit upstate’s dairy farmers, current and future employees, construction workers and the school districts and municipalities where it might still be built. We’ve emphasized to Great Lakes Cheese officials that we will continue to assist their efforts around this worthy manufacturing project in any way we can in Allegany County and Western New York.”