It’s Official – No Tax Increase For Hornell

March 28, 2016
HORNELL, NY – At the Monday night Hornell Common Council meeting,the 2016, 2017 budget beginning April 1st became official by a unanimous vote. There will be a 0% increase in taxes but because of the Wal Mart plaza coming off a pilot started in 1995 there was a need to override the 2% tax cap. Hogan told the small crowd, “In order to stay under the tax cap we would have had to cut taxes by at least 4% which was no where near feasible.”

The mayor mentioned that total spending is up $234,000 over last year with most of that going toward debt payments. Three million dollar upgrades to the water pollution plant, major road and infrastructure repairs were the biggest contributors toward the debt. Hogan warned that with Lowes ending their pilot program early and the way the laws are written the city can expect the same scenario with the tax cap next year.