January 8, 2021 – Covid Update From Governor Cuomo

“We know these numbers and we know what is happening. This is all predictive. You have the holidays, socialization, holiday spread and the number goes up. We’ve said that since before Thanksgiving, and we said celebrate smart and stop the spread. Social gatherings happened and the infection rate went up. Slowing the spread depends on your behavior, and your belief in your community. You resolve community spread when the community acts differently,” Governor Cuomo said. “We are in a footrace between how fast the infection rate goes up and how fast the vaccination rate goes up. I am telling you, we are in a danger zone. The infection and hospitalization rates are going up quickly, and when the hospitalization rate goes up, the hospitals reach capacity and the economy shuts down. Add to that footrace a new factor: the UK strain. The UK strain is here and it’s spreading. This is the Usain Bolt of infection rates and it is frightening.”

Today’s data is summarized briefly below:

Test Results Reported – 243,903
Total Positive – 18,832
Percent Positive – 7.72%
Patient Hospitalization – 8,561 (+13)
Patients Newly Admitted – 1,068
Hospital Counties – 56
Number ICU – 1,475 (+51)
Number ICU with Intubation – 912 (+53)
Total Discharges – 108,144 (+901)
Deaths – 161
Total Deaths – 31,329