Jasper Listed As Being Fiscally Distressed By State Comptroller

September 27, 2015
State Comptroller Tom Dinapoli issued a report this weekend, noting that Jasper was the third most fiscally stressed town in the state.  According to Dinapoli, at end of the fiscal year 2014, Jasper had a fiscal stress score of almost 82 percent.
Mentioned on a list of towns that are being warned that they ended 2014 in danger of being fiscally stressed, but were not at that point yet, were Hartsville and Andover.
Hartsville Town Supervisor Mike Muhliesen says that the damage from the May 2014 flooding took up 70 percent of the budget in 2014, and that Hartsville was reimbursed by FEMA a month later, in January of this year.  He says that Hartsville is in good shape now and won’t be on the list of towns in danger of being in fiscal stress.   “Since January of 2015, Hartsville has paid off the revenue anticipation note, and received over $200,000 in reimbursements,” Muhleisen told WLEA. “This means that the 2015 Fiscal Stress Score will be much lower, as we will not have the short-term loan/excess expenditure scores,  and we will no longer be viewed as a municipality in ‘fiscal stress’.”
We were unable to reach the other town supervisors by news time.  As soon as we have their responses, we will post them.