Joe Errigo’s WXXI Controversy

October 28, 2016

ROCHESTER, NY – Appearing on WXXI on Thurdsay afternoon, Republican Assembly candidate Joe Errigo said the following, when responding to a question about whites and blacks and how the two groups are treated.

“I think they take that attitude because it’s taken to them. When you hear the president’s minister say instead of God bless America, goddamn America, let them feel the pain. Now you’re bringing us back to slavery. I was not part of that. My parents weren’t part of that,” Errigo said. “We lost a lot of people over that fight. I think the president has done a disservice and I don’t condone. I hear the way he talks sometimes that just — they’re telling the black people, ‘Get out there, kill them. Kill the whites.’”

This morning, the is reporting that the three Democratic chairs in the 133rd Assembly District, including Steuben County Democrat Chairman Mayor Shawn Hogan, issued a joint statement late Thursday calling Errigo’s remarks “deplorable” and demanded that Errigo “apologize to the community for them.”

According to the LCN, Errigo now says that he does not believe that the president is encouraging violence and Errigo says that he, Errigo, has always supported tolerance.

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