John Buckley Endorses Shawn Hogan

November 2, 2013

HORNELL, NY – Appearing on Brian O’Neil’s Saturday morning show “Top Story”, Hornell Republican leader John Buckley (9th Ward) endorsed Mayor Shawn Hogan in the upcoming mayoral race. “When voters go to the poll on Tuesday, they have a clear choice as to who they want to lead the city in the next four years,” Buckley said. “And for me, there’s really only one choice, and for me, that’s Mayor Shawn Hogan.”

Buckley went on to say that Hogan provides a wealth of knowledge, years of leadership experience, and has many connections at the state capital in Albany. “I went to Albany with Shawn back in February,” Buckley said. “And Shawn Hogan is a rock star in Albany. Everyone whose anyone knows who Shawn Hogan in Albany, and that kind of thing comes in handy, because when something happens, and I’ll take the sewer situation down on Elm Street: when something like that happens, Shawn can pick up the phone and knows the right people to call,” Buckley said.

“I’m not often speechless,” Hogan said after Buckley’s on-air endorsement. “I’m humbled by that, and I’m very appreciative of his kind words.”