John Falzarano Running For Hornell Mayor Too

July 21, 2021

HORNELL, NY – It looks like the race for mayor of Hornell in November 2021, is now a three-way race. In addition to Mayor John Buckley (R) seeking re-election, and Hornell Alderman Rich Argentieri running for mayor of Hornell as a Democrat, Hornell real estate agent John Falzarano, announced his candidacy this week, in the comment section, under a post about the sale of the Hornell Courthouse.

Below is John Falzarano’s post:

“Let you all know by tomorrow the Mayor and runner up for Mayor has a spoiler coming! I will be running for Mayor as a Independent against the two veteran politician! I’m not a politician, I’m a citizen for the people so I hope you all can vote them out and vote in John Falzarano for Mayor for the people. Like I said I was never a politician they are. Fuzzy for Mayor respectfully and I’m more qualified then they are. I can’t wait for the debates? By the way they already tried to block me out but they embolden me I hope I will embolden you. Can you feel my thunder it’s going to storm.

“If I win as an Independent it will change history for the good of Hornell! I want you to make history with me! By the way I work 70 hours a week then you will get a Mayor that works. I’m College educated I went to Ithaca State at 35 years old never gave up on education plus I do 22 1/2 hours every 2 years to keep my license up to date. I’m a Associate Broker with Hunt Real Estate Agency and I’m an Independent worker. I understand the under dogs. Respectfully.”