John Plumb And Congressman Reed’s Disagreement About Donald Trump

March 22, 2016
John Plumb, the Jamestown Democrat candidate for Congress, criticized Congressman Tom Reed for meeting with Donald Trump yesterday. Plumb issued the following statement:
“With his dangerous rhetoric, proposals to expand the use of torture, and threats to target civilians, Donald Trump is weakening our standing internationally and is putting our military men and women at risk in every geographic combatant commander’s area of responsibility around the globe.
It’s clear that by endorsing Donald Trump last week and meeting with him in Washington today, Tom Reed fully supports Trump’s reckless rhetoric that makes our country less safe. This isn’t really surprising, as Reed himself, a New Yorker, threatened our national security by voting to shut down the Department of Homeland Security.
Western New York and the Southern Tier deserves a leader who will put region before politics, especially when it comes to protecting our national security – unlike Tom Reed. As someone who has defended this country under the water, in the Middle East and at the highest levels of national security, my highest priority is keeping Americans safe. That’s what I’ve done my entire career and what I will continue to do in Congress.

The response from Congressman Reed’s Office is below:
John Plumb helped create many of the Obama Administration’s failed policies including the Iran Nuclear Deal which endangered not only American allies, but the American people,” said Tom Reed for Congress Spokeswoman Amy Hasenberg. “The Obama Administration has failed to combat ISIS and has allowed Iran to continue funding terrorists. The Southern Tier, Finger Lakes, and Western New York cannot afford to have a representative who does not prioritize the needs of the American people. John Plumb’s work experience in the White House is not only concerning, it is dangerous.”