Judge Watches: I’m Still Here And I Have Not Been Fined $10,000

December 14, 2020

BATH, NY – Appearing on the WLEA Newsmaker Show this morning, Steuben County Court Judge Chauncey Watches stated that there is no truth to rumors that he was removed from the bench, or fined $10,000 for not wearing a Covid mask. “I have not had Covid, I have not been fined $10,000 for not wearing a mask, I have not paid $10,000, I’ve been working all through this,” Watches said.

“We pushed the rumor off to the side a couple of months ago and thought ‘we’ll let it die’, well it started to come around again this week, and it’s kind of like the old telephone game you used to play in Kindergarten where you whisper in the next person’s ear and it gets distorted and expanded as it goes.”