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Kathy Hochul Visits Hornell

September 24, 2014
HORNELL, N.Y. – Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul stopped in Hornell for a meet and greet while on the campaign trail today at the Main Place.

The former Congresswoman, Hochul (d) expressed her passion for western New York and her knowledge and understanding of the economic situation from her past job as the county clerk of Erie County and being a congress woman and a mother.

Hochul talked about Governor Cuomo’s accomplishments while in office such as creating some 500,000 jobs in New York State along with the economic turn around of going from a 40 billion dollar deficit upon entering office into a 4 billion dollar surplus that New York State now enjoys, adding that the challenge now lies in deciding how to use the surplus.

Kathy Hochul while talking with WLEA news, explained that her postion, as well as Governor Cuomo’s moderate position in politics, should help them in working with representatives from both sides of the aisle, also noting that this has been Cuomo’s strategy all along. Hochul also expressed her support of Governor Cuomo’s Safe Act, and how, despite being a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment and gun rights, she maintained that she is in favor of reasonable standards, background checks and education.  She noted that the governor himself is a gun owner, also mentioned as a mother she feels as though background checks may help avoid the needless slaughter of children in our schools.

Kathy Hochul was very personable and clearly demonstrated a willingness to speak as a voice for Western NY and the Southern Tier, while mingling with the crowd introducing herself to everyone in attendance.

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