Kidnapping Case Out Of Bath

October 7, 2022

BATH, NY – Bath Police Chief Colin Taft reports a kidnapping arrest. The chief says, 62 year old Anthony Kroeger of William Street in Bath, is accused of taking a 14 year old, and two 17 year olds, all from Bath, out of state, for two days. The 14 year old was said to have been taken without parental consent. According to Police Chief Taft, the three teenagers were found, with Kroeger in Washington DC. Kroeger was arrested in Washington DC.

Kroeger will be charged with 2nd degree kidnapping. Now Kroeger, according to Bath Police, just finished up a long sentence after being convicted of raping a 14 year old.

The three teens, were taken to child protective services and officials are going down to get the teens in Washington.

Bath Police worked about 18 hours on this case, on Thursday, to find the three teens.