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Langworthy: Hochul Is Wrong On Home Heating Issues

February 4, 2023

Congressman Nick Langworthy released a letter addressed to Governor Hochul to call out her announcement during her “Stateof the State” address on banning on-site fossil fuel combustion for new construction in 2025. The governor’s hypocrisy on this issue is beyond the pale and will cost the third of New Yorkers who use gas and oil to heat their homes during the winter even more money and cause more of an economic hardship. Her proposal will also cut the cleanest source of energy at our disposal – natural gas.

Congressman Langworthy was joined by Congressman Marc Molinaro (NY-19), Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11), Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (NY-21), Congressman Mike Lawler (NY-17), Congressman Andrew Garbarino (NY-02), Congressman Nick LaLota (NY-01), Congressman Anthony D’Esposito (NY-04), Congressman Brandon Williams (NY-22) and Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-24).

“Of all people, Governor Hochul understands what Western New Yorkers face in the winter and her hypocrisy in using a gas stove in the Executive Mansion and at her personal residence in Buffalo is unacceptable for a leader. Forcing our state away from reliable sources like natural gas puts New Yorkers—particularly our rural communities—at greater risk of future, life-threatening power outages as our state’s grid struggles to meet basic energy needs. I call on the governor to reverse her position on accessing natural gas in the state and to develop an energy plan that puts economic prosperity and safety first,” said Congressman Nick Langworthy.

“Governor Hochul’s proposed ban on gas stoves and other fossil fuel combustion equipment is tone deaf and dangerous. Upstate New Yorkers are already facing historic energy costs and the Governor’s ban will make things even worse. I am proud to join my colleagues in opposing this costly proposal and call on the Governor to work with us to make meaningful infrastructure investments in Upstate New York,” said Congressman Marc Molinaro.

“President Biden’s decision to curb domestic energy production, sit on new oil and gas leases, and cancel the Keystone XL pipeline has dangerously hindered U.S. energy independence and led to higher gas and food costs for American families. With our Northeast Heating Fuel Supply at its lowest point since 1951, it’s imperative that our state invest in all types of reliable energy sources including clean energy and natural gas to protect our energy security. Governor Hochul’s proposal to ban on-site fossil fuel combustion for new construction is irresponsible and will only increase the price of energy for all New Yorkers,” said Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis.

“Kathy Hochul’s war on American energy has failed every family in Upstate New York and the North Country who are already facing skyrocketing prices. As one-party Democrat rule in Albany makes this the most expensive winter in over a decade, Hochul’s radical Green New Deal policies are making this energy crisis worse for hardworking families. Hochul must end her attack on natural gas, so we can lower the cost of rural New Yorkers’ electric and home heating bills,” said Congresswoman Elise Stefanik.

“With nearly three quarters of all homes in New York State fueled by oil or natural gas, Governor Hochul’s radically out-of-touch fossil fuel ban will severely constrict energy options and cause costs to skyrocket. As much of our state still faces more cold weather and snow, this could jeopardize not only the savings of New Yorkers, but their lives as well. Short-sighted proposals like this one show that Governor Hochul’s focus is on pandering, rather than common sense solutions,” said Congressman Mike Lawler.

“With New Yorkers still struggling under the financial burden of heightened oil and gas prices, we should be focusing on expanding access to affordable fuel sources, not restricting it. Increasing the use of renewable energy is an admirable goal, but now is not the time to set arbitrary deadlines for banning reliable energy sources like natural gas that will end up raising costs for New Yorkers. Instead, we should be implementing an all-the-above energy strategy that encourages the transition to renewables without ripping away the safety net that is our tried-and-true energy sources before newer technologies are ready to take their place in both reliability and affordability,” said Congressman Andrew Garbarino.

“One of the best ways to lower energy costs for New Yorkers is to allow the use of fossil fuels. Governor Hochul should be committed to delivering the best for our state, not flawed and ineffective policies to appeal to her base. We need an “all of the above” approach to energy, including wind, solar, battery, and fossil fuels to achieve energy independence and lower costs for New York families,” said Congressman Nick LaLota.

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