Langworthy: Honored To Be On Oversight

January 19, 2023

Today, January 19th, Congressman Nick Langworthy released the following statement after his appointment to the House Oversight Committee.

“I am honored to have been selected as a member of the House Oversight Committee under the leadership of Chairman James Comer. From holding the Biden Administration accountable to fighting for truth and transparency for hardworking American taxpayers, the work of this committee is more important than ever. The message should be loud and clear that unchecked power—whether it be from inside the government or out– has come to an end, starting with the work of this committee. I’m excited to get started,” said Congressman Langworthy

“With Rep. Langworthy and our Republican members, this Congress we’ve got an all-star lineup ready to hit the ground running and go to bat for the American people. Unchecked, one-party Democrat rule in Washington resulted in crises on every front, but with our Republican majority, oversight and accountability are here. Together, we will return the House Oversight and Accountability Committee to its mission to root out waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement in the federal government and hold the Biden Administration accountable. We will work to ensure American taxpayers’ investment in the federal government is spent effectively, efficiently, and transparently, and will propose solutions when problems are identified,” said Chairman James Comer