Larry Stephens Now Attending Canisteo Town Meetings

March 9, 2015

CANISTEO, NY – Larry “Hot Dog” Stephens is now attending Canisteo Town Board meetings, where he is continuing his role as a local good government watchdog.   Stephens, a Canisteo resident and owner of an auto parts store in Hornellsville, has spent the last several years attending, videoing, and questioning things at Hornellsville Town Board meetings.

Stephens has filed numerous lawsuits against Hornellsville’s Town Board, and recently,, against Town Clerk Cheryl Isaman.  Town Supervisor Ken Isaman says that the lawsuits are a burden on taxpayers, and that the thousands of freedom of information requests makes it difficult to get town business done in Hornellsville.   Stephens has stated that the Hornellsville Town Board is avoiding his questions about the BOCES access road and other issues.  Town Supervisor Ken Isaman and others on the Hornellsville Board say that Stephen’s questions are repetitive. At the Monday night Canisteo Town Board meeting, Stephens asked town attorney Karl Anderson about the town ethics rules, and in particular, about nepotism and the code of ethics, in Canisteo Town Hall business.

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