Lee Zeldin Wins Straw Poll Vote, For GOP Race For Gov

June 28, 2021

ALBANY, NY – The New York State Republican Chairs met on Monday at a fancy hotel in Albany, and at their straw poll vote, the Republicans voted Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, Long Island) as their presumptive nominee, in the governor’s race. This followed news that came out of the Andrew Guiliani campaign, that the Guiliani campaign had an internal poll showing that Guiliani was ahead of Zeldin.

From Steuben Co GOP Chair Joe Sempolinski: “I was proud to be in Albany today and cast my vote for Lee Zeldin, the next governor of New York State. I was also proud to see many of my county chairs join me in support of Congressman Zeldin. Andrew Cuomo is the worst governor in America, and I look forward to supporting Lee Zeldin in his campaign, to bring a new era, to New York State.”

Below is the New York State Democrat statement:

“It took no time at all, for the New York State Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs, to issue a statement (in fact, the Democrat Jacobs had his statement out before NYS GOP Chair Nick Langworthy did). “The New York State Republican Party has made it official. By selecting Rep. Lee Zeldin (CD-01) as their presumptive Gubernatorial nominee they have chosen an out-of-touch, radical Far Right, sycophantic Trump supporter who voted to not certify the Electoral College vote on the evening of the January 6th Trump-led insurrection. The NYS GOP’s decision is good news for Democrats as they have decided to completely break with every day New York voters who have consistently favored a moderate-progressive agenda for the future of our state. Zeldin’s views might have made him a great candidate for governor – had he been running forty years ago in the Deep South. But he is completely wrong for the 21st Century and wrong for New York.”