Leslie Danks Burke Starts A PAC

January 31, 2017

TOMPKINS COUNTY, NY – Today Leslie Danks Burke is launching Trailblazers PAC, which she describes as a populist grassroots effort to help new candidates run for office in New York State and Pennsylvania. “Trailblazers PAC will support candidates who are committed to open and transparent government, and our funding model demands that candidates put their money where their mouth is,” Danks Burke stated. “By breaking down barriers that too often keep regular citizens out of elected office, we will work to boost political participation by the voters who are the foundation of our democracy.”

Danks Burke pointed out that there are many organizations supporting candidates for higher office like Congress or the state legislature, but few are dedicated to candidates for village, town, city and county elections.

So, if you’re interested in learning how to run for office, and how to do things like form a political committee, canvass and outreach, and secure low dollar in-district contributions, then contact Trailblazers 607-319-5869.