Lewis Holds Meet & Greet Saturday Afternoon

September 10th, 2017

HORNELL, NY – Independent Mayoral candidate John Lewis held a meet and greet Saturday afternoon from 1pm to 4pm at Marino’s restaurant on Loder Street in the city. Beverages, appetizers, and handshakes were plenty as Lewis touched base with a community he hopes to govern in the upcoming November election.

Friends, relatives, and family were present to show support as Lewis talked his love for the community, and maintaining what long standing Mayor Shawn Hogan has established over the years. “My previous experience puts me in a great position to recruit new business to our area, manage a tight budget, and maintain the infrastructure our previous mayor has worked so hard to establish over his tenure.”

Lewis, considered a political newcomer, will be starting in the same situation that Hogan did 32 years ago when he took office. “I consider that an advantage,” Lewis told WLEA news, “I will be approaching the position with a fresh set of eyes.”

Lewis does bring a rather impressive resume into the race having 10 years recruiting students to Alfred University and also managing WLEA/WCKR radio station the last 2 years. In the later, Lewis’s love of music and his ability to oversee a budget has turned the small local business around.

Lewis finished our interview saying that he hoped everyone will get out and vote this November, no matter what candidate or party they vote for. Below John Lewis with his father Leroy and mother MaryBeth: