Libertarian Candidate Larry Sharpe Stops In Hornell

May 6, 2018



HORNELL, NY – Libertarian candidate for governor of New York State, Larry Sharpe, stopped by Club 57 in Hornell over the weekend.  Sharpe spoke with supporters about the need for changing the system in New York state government.  Sharpe spoke of the need for finding new ways to raise money.  “The problem is that most people think that the only  way to raise money is through more and more taxation.  It’s a big problem, you’ve got one third on medicaid, one third on medicare, with a dwindling population and 100,000 New Yorkers leaving the state every year.  That’s unsustainable, you’ve got to find other ways of raising money, not just taxation.  A simpler way is just having simpler taxation.  Simpler taxation means bigger companies and bigger corporations pay more, because there are less loopholes to jump through.  A second answer is finding other ways of raising money, like using our infrastructure.  Why are why naming the Tapanzee Bridge after our royal family, the Cuomos?  Why not name a bridge after Staples, or McDonalds?  These companies pay billions of dollars for marketing, they pay ten million for a stadium, why wouldn’t they pay to name a bridge after their company?”

Sharpe also spoke of the need for eliminating tolls, reforming the criminal justice system, and ending cronyism through reforming the political system.