Libordi And Hornellsville FOILS

Libordi and Hornellsville: Freedom of Info Issue

December 12, 2013

HORNELLSVILLE, NY – North Hornell Village Trustee Frank Libordi says he’s made freedom of information act requests of the Hornellsville Town Hall, and that the Hornellsville Town Board is not good about responding. “I foiled information, it should be turned over to me, and it was not turned over to me. I was able to attain it,” Libordi tells WLEA News. “The freedom of information law should be followed, and it is not followed in the Town of Hornellsville.

Hornellsville Town Clerk Sheryl Isaman says that Hornellsville Town Attorney Pat McAllister answered Libordi in a letter, that she wrote, that McAllister dictated to her, about the FOIL request that Libordi disputed at the other night’s meeting.