Libordi/Isaman Update

Libordi’s Response To Isaman
July 21, 2014

HORNELLSVILLE, NY – At the July 8th Hornellsville meeting, Hornellsville Supervisor Ken Isaman stated that Hornellsville businessman Larry “Hot Dog” Stephens and North Hornell Village Trustee
Frank Libordi, have been focusing on Hornellsville Town Clerk Sheryl Isaman and her salary. At that meeting, Isaman stated that North Hornell Village Clerk Kris Libordi makes $40,000, compared to Hornellsville clerk Sheryl Isaman’s $30,000.

Libordi issued a statement last week, saying that Kris Libordi makes $37,000, and works full time,
and that Sheryl Isaman only works part time.

(Editors note: The reason WLEA is only getting around to posting this story this week, is because
it’s vacation time, and we were short-staffed last week. However, the story was read on the air last week.)